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Welcome world to the Barola Blog where we will share the behind the scenes life at Barola, special moments, and inspirational stories about women and organizations promoting an active lifestyle and wellness for women on the go.

Let’s kick off with a little background on our brand, and why we make specialty sports bras. Here goes...

My Story

My story is about love, never giving up, never letting go, and following my passion.

I loved my mother.  She was an incredible lady and someone I greatly admired.  A widow at the age of 27, she provided me with an amazing life full of cherished memories I will never forget.   She was compassionate and had an inner strength that kept her going and inspired others.

Her strength was unquestionable and she never gave up when life got difficult.  Imagine being diagnosed with an extremely painful terminal cancer and doing everything you could to try to stay alive for the birth of her second grandchild. She did this for me.

When my mom passed away on September 14, 2012 I was eight months pregnant.  Drawing upon her strength,  I decided I would  find a way to honor her and keep her memory alive for my children.  

Aha Moment

I’ve always been a very entrepreneurial-minded woman with a strong desire to start a business.   My influence came from my mother and family. I would read stories and watch shows featuring founders sharing their “Aha Moment.” I had lots of ideas for businesses –– all manufacturing focused.  I wanted to make something.  These ideas were generally shared with family and friends and either never got off the ground or never got  supported.

Things changed on March 28, 2014 when sitting on a plane in the Atlanta airport my “Aha Moment” came: BAROLA BRAS! And I’ve never looked back.

Why Bras?

This is the first question I get from people who know my background was not in fashion or manufacturing. The second is: have you had any issues with your breasts? To which I answer, “yes,” I had my own journey with my breasts, including: Noticeable asymmetry. Post-surgical impact. Increased cup size from pregnancy. Swelling. Engorgement. The inability to find a good nursing bra. Mobility issues from a broken shoulder. And the experience of long, infight international travel where all you want to do is take off your bra.

I know much of my experience is the same for many women. With that in mind, I set out to create a bra that was comfortable and gives confidence back to women who might being going through challenging life events, but are still looking to maintain wellness. That is the mission of Barola’s Bra for Life.

While my background may not fit the that of a  typical design manufacturer, I know how hard it is to find a good bra, that fits and is comfortable. This is the advantage I have which allows me to challenge the bra market today and create new designs based on the lives of real women. Barola also gives me an opportunity to give women comfort, which I am passionate about, and it is critical for cancer patients who are currently battling cancer –– a befitting way to keep my mother’s memory alive.

Carpe Diem!

Kristen Airhart




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