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Behind the Bras: Barola's Bra for a Cause and Breast Cancer Survivors

  • By Kristen Airhart

Barola's Bra for a Cause are inspired by breast cancer survivors.  Our story includes a personal connection to breast cancer that led to a sports bra line.  Great attention to the details of the functional design and fabrics continue to be our top priorities in our sports bras. 

front closure sports bra for breast cancer survivorsWith adjustable front closure options including adjustable straps breast cancer survivors and all women seeking to get the perfect fit in a sports bra can be achieved.  Providing women with a bra that can fit through changes to their body from swelling of cup sizes, surgical procedures, or asymmetrical breast sizes allow women confidence to return to an active lifestyle in comfort and style.

Getting the perfect fit was not enough for us at Barola.  After extensive research on fabrics we found non-toxic, eco-friendly and organic materials that provide all the wonderful components of the latest sports bras in the market without the harmful toxins used to treat fabrics.  Breast cancer prevention is part of our mission and we take great pride in selecting safe materials to prevent harmful toxins from being absorbed through a woman's skin after a good workout.  

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