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Bra Fitting Made Easy

  • By Kristen Airhart

Who Says Bra Fitting Can't be Easy?

We've all been there, standing in store praying that the bras you like are going to fit.  Then you enter the fitting room...and if your experience is anything like mine nothing fits.  Our bra fit chart is designed to help make your bra fitting experience easy.

If you are fortunate to live in a city with experienced bra fitters, this can also make your experience to shop for a bra that fits easy.  If you live in Baton Rouge a great place to get fitted and try on Barola bras is at the Bra Genie.  Their experienced fitters will help you find a bra that fits.  They have also become experts in how to put on Barola sports bras with a few tips and tricks for women with larger cup sizes. 

Finding a bra that fits for women who are hard to fit can be a dream come true.  Make your next bra shopping experience easy and use our bra fit chart or find a bra fitter in your area.  

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