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Barola Inc Launches its Bra for Life

  • By Kristen Airhart
Barola, Inc. today launches its Bra for Life –– compression sports bra line to give breast cancer survivors –– and all women –– the confidence and empowerment to seize the day and stay active while enduring physical changes and challenges. The Bra for Life sports bra specifically benefits women who have undergone breast-related surgical procedures, been impacted by breast cancer, mobility issues, asymmetry, and who are pregnant or nursing.
Designed with the help of breast cancer survivors, surgeons, bra fitters, and sport bra designers, Barola bras encompass stylish, comfort, and bra confidence. The Bra for Life provides functional fashion, ideal for women who wear breast forms without the worry of them moving or falling out during activity.

"Barola's Bra for Life was created to honor my mother's own courageous battle with breast cancer, and to support other women enduring the fight of their lives," stated founder Kristen Airhart. "Barola's mission is to provide comfort as a critical component for women to want to stay strong, fit, and active while undergoing challenging breast cancer treatment."

Named for two breast cancer survivors, Barola's Melissa and Tabby bras are pocketed and worn with or without breast forms, and have adjustable straps with a velcro closure. The soft, supportive bras are made in the USA from eco-friendly, breathable, anti-bacterial, odor-resistant materials that stretch, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

"I find the fit to be fabulous, and there isn't one thing that I could think of to improve this bra. It's so comfortable I almost don't want to take it off," states Melissa Wyatt, Stage II breast cancer survivor, who worked closely with Barola to design a bra to fit prosthetics.

Melissa personally found the double hook and eye design with adjustable band –– named the Melissa –– provided the most comfort due to her fluctuating breast size as a result of weight gain from chemotherapy. Alternatively, the Tabby has a zipper front closure. Both bras give women of all shapes and sizes from 2-2x a sleek, beautiful, and supported fit there is comfortable enough to wear while exercising, on the go, sleeping, or traveling.

"When you can put on a stylish, sexy sports bra it lifts your spirits and helps you push through the daily activity," said Tabitha Vona, triple breast cancer survivor, and "Tabby" bra namesake. "Getting back to an active lifestyle after breast cancer treatment has been hard, but I feel better in my Tabby and that is half the battle."

Promoting wellness and functional fashion is the ultimate goal of Barola and its two adjustable, front closure bras that provide a custom, comfortable fit. Barola's Bra for Life is suited to the fitness-minded woman looking for the right support to complement her active lifestyle in the effort to maintain optimal health. For more information or to purchase, visit

About Barola

Barola Inc., is more that just a bra company. It was started by a woman on a mission to promote wellness in women. Barola's specialty sports bra line was designed specifically for breast cancer survivors, and women facing challenges at all stages of life looking to feel comfortable and confident, while staying active. Its Bra for Life pocketed, front closure sports and compression bras keep breast forms in place, empowering women who have undergone breast related surgery, experienced asymmetry or fluctuating breast sizes, and who are pregnant or nursing, to seize the day and maintain optimal health. All Barola bras are made in the USA from quality, eco-friendly, breathable, anti-bacterial, odor-resistant materials that give a perfect fit for all shapes and sizes. For information or to purchase, visit
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