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Bra for Life Designed in Dedication to Mother, All Women

  • By Kristen Airhart
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Bra for Life Designed in Dedication to Mother, All Women

October 25,2015//Source: No stranger to the impact of breast cancer, Kristen Airhart’s mother, Becky passed away after her courageous battle with the disease a month before the birth of her second child. To keep her mother’s memory alive, and to honor women close to her undergoing treatment, Kristen, a entrepreneur, launched Barola and the Bra for Life –– sports bras giving women the confidence and empowerment to seize the day and stay active while enduring physical changes and challenges. “Barola’s mission is to provide comfort as a critical component for women to want to stay strong, fit, and active while undergoing challenging breast cancer treatment, says Airhart.” 

As a young woman, Kristen faced her own asymmetry issues, and finding a bra that fit had always been daunting, especially during pregnancy, nursing, travel, while having mobility issues, and post-surgery. Barola bras are meant to support women through all body-transforming challenges as well as avid exercisers looking for workout wear to complement their fitness routine.

Kristen’s worked with professional bra designers, retailers, surgeons, and breast cancer survivors to create a bra that eases the challenges of treatment and fluctuating breast size. Promoting wellness is the ultimate goal of Barola and its two adjustable, front closure bras. The durable pocketed bras, hold breast forms in place, aiming to help women diagnosed with breast cancer embrace their strength to resume and an active life post surgery.

Named for two breast cancer survivors, Barola’s Melissa and Tabby bras are pocketed and worn with or without breast forms, and have front adjustable straps with a velcro closure. The soft, supportive bras are made in the USA from eco-friendly, breathable, moisture wicking, antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, odor-resistant materials that stretch, ensuring a customized fit for women sizes 2-2x. Customers describe the bra to be comfortable enough to wear all day, while sleeping, or even during long flights.

“I find the fit to be fabulous, and there isn’t one thing that I could think of to improve this bra. It’s so comfortable I almost don’t want to take it off,” states Melissa Wyatt, Stage II breast cancer survivor, who worked closely with Barola to design a bra to fit prosthetics. The Bra for Life is sold online at

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