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City Social Sept/October Issue - Barola Bras Update

Source: City Social Sept/Oct issue

Production Delay Satisfies Customers

Normally, a production delay would signify anything but customer satisfaction - not so for Barola, Inc., a Baton Rouge-based specialty bra company founding by Kristen Airhart.  Her pursuit of a manufacturer able to accommodate the unique design features of her company's Bra for Life pushed back production.  In the interim, feedback from customers helped improve bra function, resulting in a sleek, beautiful bra benefiting not only breast cancer survivors but also fitness-minded women looking for the right support to maintain an active life without compromising style.

Barola is currently in production with a woman-owned, Brooklyn-based manufacturer.  Its full product line will be available for purchase by mid-September on or from the Total Woman Boutique.

Barola's Melissa bra has a double hook and eye, which can adjust to entire width of the bra, not just the band.  Alternatively, the Tabby has a zipper front closure.  Both compression sports bras, named for positive, empowered breast cancer survivors, have adjustable straps with a Velcro closure, to wear all day, while sleeping or even during long flights.

Promoting wellness is the ultimate goal of Barola and its two adjustable, front closure bras.  The durable pocketed bras hold breast forms in place airing to help women diagnosed with breast cancer embrace their strength to resume an active life after surgery.

Barola's Bra for Life was inspired by owner Kristen Airhart's own personal experiences and bra challenges.  She worked with professional bra designers, retailers, surgeons and breast cancer survivors to create a bra that eases the challenges of treament and fluctuating breast size.  Kristen hand-selected and eco-friendly, moisture wicking and soft, supportive fabric.

"Kristen has revolutionized the pos-surgery bra," said Dr. Everett Bonner.  "The practical functionality and the unique fashionable design make this the perfect bra for women recovering from breast surgery." Dr. Bonner, a breast surgeon with with the Baton Rouge Clinic, was a researcher and consultant for Barola's first prototype. "Kristen has taken her vision along with her passion and created a remarkable product," Dr. Bonner said.  He plans to recommend this bra to all his surgery patients.

Barola bra specifically benefit women who have undergone breast-related surgical procedures, been impacted by breast cancer, mobility issue or asymmetry, or are pregnant or nursing.  Barola's Bra for Life is also suited for avid exercisers looking for workout wear to complement their fitness routine.  Form more information visit

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